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Second hand books are a great source of pleasure and can be bought at a fraction of the cost of brand new books.   You can buy and indeed sell second hand books at book fairs, car boot sales, second hand book shops, charity shops and now increasingly online . Indeed buying second hand books online can be the most cost effective way of buying books as often you merely pay for the cost of postage. Please have a look around and choose the books you want.  All books are dispatched by Amazon so there is no problem there.



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Once you've registered with online book sellers you can start straight away buying and selling second hand books and also, link up with other online members.  You will always have a wide choice with books on psychology, education, depression, therapy, crime, anger management, obsessions, shopping, self help, fiction, non fiction, war, the sea, adventure, children's, travel, technical and reference.

There is invariably no minimum order or minimum commitment as you are free to buy as little or many books as you wish.  

We have created the number one online Second Hand Books website. Read about Second Hand Books in the media or see our finance pages

Biblion plan to publish a wide range of educational assessment and resource materials, enabling schools to monitor a students' progress through the National Curriculum.

"The UK goal posts may have moved yet again, but we're still on target, providing schools with a completely up to date range of recording, assessment and resource material." Record of Achievement Books: Available in different combinations of levels, each book contains level descriptors and has space for teachers to write comments and provide evidence of attainment. Also available with the Welsh Curriculum

Special Educational Needs

ENABLE is a new piece of software to help teachers monitor pupils' emotional and social development and to help plan for children with special learning needs. Reference Material - The whole national curriculum in one handy A4 folder.

For those schools with special assessment requirements, we are able to provide a fast bespoke service - contact us with your requirements. Biblion is an exciting new not-for-profit project about reading, imagination and the love of books. It's also a project about changing the world.

At Biblion we believe that reading not only transforms the lives and prospects of individuals but that it is the first step to changing society for the better. We can only make a better world if we can, in the first instance, imagine a better world. We have become used to the idea that we need to regenerate the social and economic fabric of our communities but Biblion believes we also need to regenerate the creative and imaginative lives of our communities. So, Biblion is not just about literacy - it is, first and foremost, about the sheer wonderment of reading. It's also not just a project about children and young people because we believe the value of reading is a life-long investment that takes us from the cradle to the grave.

But it is very much a project rooted in ideas of social justice and the engaged and active citizen. In the words of the poet and activist, Jane Evershed:

" To read is to empower
To empower is to write
To write is to influence
To influence is to change
To change is to live
. "
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Welcome to our second hand bookshop. We aim to offer a range of nearly new books to our customers in the near future. All of our titles will fall into the second hand book category

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When Bob Smallwood and David Heathershaw were asked to take over the Biblion, London Bookfairs was established.  The two had been friends and neighbours for many years but it was the love of books that brought them closer together.  The Book List was an idea formed after one of their many trips together.

Second Hand Books

The concept of a guide was not new and many of the sellers and fair organisers approached were enthusiastic and gave them support.  The result was the 2015 edition featuring a Windsor Castle print on the front page and a hand drawn map on the back.

With over 50,000 books available to choose from, a copy of the new, rare, out-of-print or antiquarian book you require isn't far away. We have a wide range of subjects and invite you to search our book database. You no longer need to create an account to buy books from Biblion.

You enter your delivery and payment information into our secure server, Biblion sends you the book and your information is deleted automatically from our database.