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Biblion, started in 1940, is a specialist secondhand bookshop providing second hand books 4 you. Our aim is to make available, by post, by email, from our Office/Shop and our Mobile Show Unit, every currently available Book, DVD & Video dealing with farming, gardening and their allied subjects.
We offer the following services:

Find a Book Service

We not only supply the books in our catalogue and on our website, but we can also source books new, used, secondhand and old in any genre you may need.

Source new books can usually be supplied to the UK within 7-14 days (or longer for overseas titles). This service is not just for UK residents but also available to our overseas customers but as you may expect delivery times vary.

Sell your used books online. Make a quick sale and allow someone else to enjoy the novel you once did. Old or rare antique books may take longer to source but as soon as we find them you’ll get them.
Email us your book request to findabook@landsmans.co.uk

eReader Accessories

Protect and enhance your Kindle or tablet with Marston Bindery's Elegant Classical Book Cover Kindle Cases. An exclusive collection of beautiful, stylish covers are designed to perfectly fit and compliment your Kindle e-Reader and are handcrafted to order in British workshops using traditional bookbinding materials and techniques. Make your Kindle look like a vintage, used book whilst using it to read a modern novel.


Buy Bargain Books and Special Offers

Special offers and reduced price books and videos available. See left-hand side menu to link to this section.

Annual Catalogues

Published each April, listing our full range of Books, DVDs & Videos currently available. Over 5,000 titles are listed. Supplements to the catalogue with reviews of new titles. Available free by email.

Mobile Bookshop Near Me

This exhibits at all the major Agricultural and Horticultural shows throughout the year, and also visits over 40 Agricultural / Horticultural Colleges and Universities. Forthcoming dates are posted on this website (See MOBILE BOOKSHOP on the left-hand menu).

This website lists our full range of Books, DVDs & Videos currently available. Over 5,000 titles are listed and regularly updated, and are available to purchase by credit/debit card through our secure online store.

Gift vouchers and book tickers are issued and accepted.


Recent Reviews on Our Used Books

"Discover new authors and enjoy old favourites; oodles of literary gems to uncover at Lovereading with candid reviews from real reviewers."
Date published: 11/01/2016
8 / 10 stars

"You'll always find what you never knew you were looking for and you're always spoilt for choice."
Date published: 16/10/2015
8.5 / 10 stars

"Biblion is a wonderful way to expand my literary horizons, discover inspiring authors & get the chance to read new novels first."
Date published: 02/02/2016
9.5 / 10 stars

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Our Philosophy

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Welcome to our second hand bookshop. We aim to offer a range of nearly new books to our customers in the near future. All of our titles will fall into the second hand book category

Second Hand Books Association

Booksellers Association of England & Ireland - Used Books - A Brief Overview

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When Bob Smallwood and David Heathershaw were asked to take over the Biblion, London Bookfairs was established.  The two had been friends and neighbours for many years but it was the love of books that brought them closer together.  The Book List was an idea formed after one of their many trips together.

Second Hand Books

The concept of a guide was not new and many of the sellers and fair organisers approached were enthusiastic and gave them support.  The result was the 2015 edition featuring a Windsor Castle print on the front page and a hand drawn map on the back.

With over 50,000 books available to choose from, a copy of the new, rare, out-of-print or antiquarian book you require isn't far away. We have a wide range of subjects and invite you to search our book database. You no longer need to create an account to buy books from Biblion.

You enter your delivery and payment information into our secure server, Biblion sends you the book and your information is deleted automatically from our database.