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We are the Biblion Publishing Company. We publish for FREE and market books which the conventional publishers have declined, usually on an impulse. Anyone who has a eBook or cd with a brief description of the book of about 250 words, also on disc ,can ask us to publish it. We will research the key elements of your book and ensure that the meta description and key words that we use to improve your position on the search engines are as powerful as possible. We ask you to ensure that every page is marked with the copyright symbol and date. There must be a copyright statement at the beginning of the book. Now, Look into this website and Send us your manuscript for our Library.

We will publish any book including: psychology, depression, therapy, anger management, obsessions, shopping, self help, fiction, nonfiction, war, the sea, adventure, children's, travel, technical and reference. Your script must be original and you must be able to stand by your work, especially in such areas as: survival, therapy, experiences and reference. A successful book on the internet will almost certainly lead to TV and other media publicity, eventually leading to a hard copy book publisher approaching you with a contract.

Now, what do we charge you? NOTHING! We take 50% of your book price for marketing and send the rest to you quarterly or half yearly. The price we charge is variable depending on the book length and its popularity. If you decide to leave us, your income will cease. If you become contracted to a publisher we will close down your site ,if you wish, and take a small percentage of your hard copy book profits; and that is that. You may reopen your site at any time thereafter. Call Biblion now


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Welcome to our second hand bookshop. We aim to offer a range of nearly new books to our customers in the near future. All of our titles will fall into the second hand book category

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When Bob Smallwood and David Heathershaw were asked to take over the Biblion, London Bookfairs was established.  The two had been friends and neighbours for many years but it was the love of books that brought them closer together.  The Book List was an idea formed after one of their many trips together.

Second Hand Books

The concept of a guide was not new and many of the sellers and fair organisers approached were enthusiastic and gave them support.  The result was the 2015 edition featuring a Windsor Castle print on the front page and a hand drawn map on the back.

With over 50,000 books available to choose from, a copy of the new, rare, out-of-print or antiquarian book you require isn't far away. We have a wide range of subjects and invite you to search our book database. You no longer need to create an account to buy books from Biblion.

You enter your delivery and payment information into our secure server, Biblion sends you the book and your information is deleted automatically from our database.