Seven ways to sell your self-published book

There are many ways to sell the book you have published privately and they are nearly as effective as using a literary agent or publish. Remember you are still up against stiff competition so be creative and think of unique ways to sell into your community, friends and family and online. It is important that you feel comfortable talking to others and asking people to buy your book, after all not all of us are born salespersons.

Select from the below and remember you can start marketing you book even before it is

1. Get listed in online bookstores. Barnes and Noble and Amazon are two you can list on if your book has an ISBN number. Find online services that specialize in your type of book such as, romance, religious, self-help, personal success, business, etc.

2. Your own website. Think about yourself as an author (not a single book title). Your plan is to go on writing and publishing, people like to know about the author (no one cares about the publishers). If you already have, a website then set up a page for your new book and promotes your book on it. You need to develop words or phrases that you feel someone will enter into a search engine to find a book like yours. The web is the most powerful and inexpensive way to sell anything if you know how to do it. However, you are competing with millions of websites out there who want to do business. If you are not familiar with the importance of knowing how to attract people to your site, (traffic) and how to do keyword search and use it, then hire a keyword expert to do this for you.

3. "Pay-per-click" advertising. With ppc, the advertiser only pays if someone actually visits your website. You buy keywords that you think your type of reader / buyer would search for. You do not want to buy the most popular keywords because it is too expensive. Test different words or phrases that your prospect would search and only buy ones that are reasonably price, you cannot compete with the Amazons of this world. Keywords can cost £1.00 per click. That is too much. You need to keep your keyword under 25 pence as all of this cost comes of your profits. Ask your friends, do they have a son or daughter who are a computer whiz and could help?

4. UK Book signing events. Find some independent bookstores in your community as they can give you more attention than a big Waterstones like bookstore. Also, find events that offer some exhibit space. Share the cost with another small business where you each use half of the tabletop or display stand. Create an attention getting display for your book. Use graphics that depict what the book is about use bright colours, imagery, etc. Be proactive and invite visitors to your table to sign books. Ask them who the book is for, a signed copy of any book is a great gift!

5. Sell to libraries. Send a mailing to UK libraries to order your book. Most libraries buy books that are on the review list of Publishers Weekly, the Booklist, or the UK Library Journal. See marketing to libraries. Your book must have created a lot of buzz for libraries to take an interest in it. You can sell many books to libraries if your book is well received.

6. Sell to book clubs.

7. Sell your books to corporations as gifts. Cold call the corporate executives you know and ask them if they would be interested in buying books for management and key people in their company. You will have all of them personally autographed for them. If they are interested, send them a copy of the book with a personal letter.  I appreciate these sounds like a mountain to climb but companies are always on the lookout for cool client gifts.


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